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Choose a hearty sandwich with multiple bread options and tasty fillings. All sandwiches are served with complimentary chips.


Chicken Fiesta

Grilled chicken, ranch dressing, green peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese on a toasted bun.

Meatball Sandwich.jpg


Beef meatballs, pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese served on a toasted bun.


Pizzaioli Gyro

Gyro meat, lettuce, onions and tomatoes served on a pita bread with choice of Tzatziki or feta sauce.

Italian Roast Beef Sandwich.jpg

Italian Roast Beef

Italian seasoned beef with provolone cheese, green peppers and onions, served on a toasted bun with au jus.

Mediterranean Sandwich.JPG


Gyro meat with mozzarella cheese, green olives, onions and creamy feta, served on a toasted bun.


Buffalo Chicken Ranch

Chicken, house buffalo sauce, Canadian bacon, onions, ranch and mozzarella cheese.

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